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Philadelphia taxi
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Wednesday morning LOST KEYS in a cab around 7:30 am on route from 13th and locust to Jefferson Street station. Please contact me if found at 215-605-4674.
Thank you!
I was just dropped off at the Hilton Hotel-Penns Landing and I am pretty positive that I left my Samsung S5 on the floor behind the driver's side.
The cab driver dropped us off around 2:30 am on 2/26/17
Any help is greatly appreciated
Thank you
Lost Black Change Purse/Wallet
On Sunday, February 19th, 2017 at 5pm on the corner by the Hard Rock Cafe in Philadelphia I caught a cab to the Red Owl Tavern next to the Morrocco Hotel at 433 Chestnut St.
My name is Howard Smith
I left my phone in a cab last night. How can i report it and get it back?
Lost wallet
I travelled to 2551 Grays Ferry Avenue from 125 S 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19106. This took place on (technically) Saturday February 11th around 230-330am It’s a black wallet, and my name is Troy Snead
My ID is in there, along with my 3 cards
I lost my phone on 2.10.17 around 1am in one of your cabs. I was picked up around 4th and south and dropped off around 22nd and walnut. Please let me know what other information you will need to help.
Thank you!
I would like to report an item left in the trunk of a taxi pickup from the Philadelphia airport to University city at around 5:30PM.
The bag is black with an L and a star on the front and the bag tag should read "Leah Hess"
Please call me at
Hi , I used one of the taxis from your company last night and left my car key in the cab . It's a black Mazda car key. Please get back to me as soon as you can . Thank you so much!
Margarita G.
I left my mink coat belt in a airport taxicab on Friday night December 16th. The driver took us to 600 w Hartwell lane Chestnut Hill. Thx
lost my phone last night, I was picked up at 13th and walnut and dropped of at 51st and locust. iPhone with black case. Please e-mail me pgiess@gmail.com or call 484-653-7545 if found.
On Tuesday December 6 around 1:30 in the afternoon I lost my iPad that had a black cover and keyboard. I took a cab from the Warwick hotel on 17th st to the Avis rental car facility at the airport.
I lost my black backpack in a cab today.This cab got me from the Philadelphia international airport terminalA and dropped me off at the crossing road of Chestnut st and 19th st.The backpack is really important because my passport and my wallet are in ther
11/24/16 approx 2am lost Gold Samsung galaxy s6 in a pink and light purple speck case. If found please email me at Christiemcquiggan@gmail.com thank you!
Lost my wallet - black leather wallet. Picked up at 13th and walnut dropped off at 4th and Jackson.
Deanna Flanagan
I lost my wallet in a cab last night. Slim brown leather. Please call if found 5049123966
I lost my wallet today 11/8/16 in Philadelphia. I was picked up at 9:30am 6th and Market and was dropped off at 30th Street Station at Bolt Bus.
It is a small black wallet that you slide cards in, similar to a men's wallet, had 2 silver studs outside.
Yesterday at 1 PM I left a green wallet in a christen cab at 20th and JFK if it has been recovered please contact me at lynnw46@comcast.net
Hi I left computer bag with important papers in back of taxi at Cambridge Ave and 3rd at 6 pm on Nov 2. Reward. Please return asap.
484-983-2691 Cy hertz
I left my light blue suitcase in a yellow taxi. Dropped me off at 13th and Federal at 4:55 PM on Nov. 2. Inside are clothes (pants, jacket, shirts, socks) and a black wig (I wore for halloween). Would love to get it back!
A black iPhone 6S in a black Tumi case was left in the back of an All City Taxi on Sunday 10/31 around 1:30AM. The pickup location was Xfinity Live, and the drop-off location was Manayunk, Philadelphia.
If found please call 484-337-8753 or email
Last night I left a blue tote that says ONS on it in a taxi around 3:00 am from terminal A baggage claim to LA Quinta Inn in Essington.
Pease contact me if it is turned in there are valuables in it. Kelly Carachilo 570 267 2178 or 570 204 0847
Hi my niece Kelly Carachilo lost her luggage either today or yesterday she think she left it in a taxi cab in Philadelphia she was coming home from Mexico.
my phone number is 570-355-0165 at my home my cell phone number is 570-730-9578 I am her aunt Amy
My boyfriend’s iPhone 6 Plus was left in the back of cab P1167 on 10/23/2016 in the evening. Phone had gray otterbox case and was dead. Any help in locating would be greatly appreciated. Please call 570-954-1940
I lost my wallet in the back of a cab on Sunday morning. My cab ride was around approximately 2:55am, until around 3:15am. The fare was about $13.00 I have the credit card information that I used to pay for the cab, if it is needed to track the cab number
My girlfriend left her purse on Saturday night. The name is Liz Phinn, her ID is in there.
Let me know if you find it.
I left my wallet (small black) in the back of a taxi on Sunday morning around 3 am. Me and one other person were picked up at Broad and Walnut and dropped off around 3rd and Girard.
It contained a PNC orange and black debit card, a PA license, a Visa ...
i lost an iPhone 6 in a brown case and a pair of sunglasses last night how do i go about trying to find them
Hi, I lost my cell phone in the back of cab last night. It is a black iphone 5 in a black thin case. Please email me or call my wife at 201-918-9024.
Lost a set of keys in a cab on Sunday 9/11 around 1 p.m. travelling from 3rd & Oregon Sts. to the Lincoln Financial Field. One black Chevy key (electronic) and a few other standard keys.
Missing wallet, Lauren Gans of NJ please call 856-261-8414. Thank you!
Lost my iPhone 5 in a pink "life proof" brand case Friday night. Was in a yellow cab. Picked up outside Trocadero. Please contact via email if found: laurenlanders4@gmail.com
I believe I left my wallet in a cab sat night. It a Michael Kors wallet tan with black mk logos. My ID is in the wallet. I can be reached at 2672570513
Lost car keys for nissan. Car key seperate from keyless remote buttons. 2 house keys (one says hillman and one says defiant) and a couple of discount tags for diff stores.
Please contact me at 267 262 1615
Thank you!!! -Jenna henry
Lost wallet Bryan Lyons please call 215-349-0545
lost a sweater yesterday.
I hailed a taxi at about 3PM at Locust and Broad Street and took it to 30th Street Station in NYC. I think I might’ve left a thinly night beige, long cardigan woman’s sweater (small).
Ruth Charny
I left a black laptop case with a tablet inside in the back of a cab on Tuesday (8/17). If found, please call 609-221-6636. Thank you!
I left my wallet in a Cab on Friday night. It is black and has my ID in it. My name is Thomas Walsh. Please let me know if you find it.
Left my blue Oakley backpack in a cab Saturday night.
Please call if found 6104050522.
Left Black HTC phone in taxi. Picked up at 8th St Train station to 3902 Gateway Drive. 8.40pm
I lost my wallet on Sunday and cannot find it please help
I just left my iphone 6 in taxi P0113 and I am trying to retrieve it. I do not know the name of the taxi company but the cab was white and black… not typical. I was traveling from the airport to 3100 West Thompson St.
I believe I left my wallet in a cab last night. It is brown leather. No ID in wallet but have credit cards. Name on card is Garrett Mazanec.
Please call 617-755-2892 if found.
Thank you!
Lost phone samsung galaxy s6 dark blue color
I took a cab from Cuba Libre to Rumors at around 11:45 pm July 1st. There were 4 guys in the cab and the phone slipped out of my pocket in the back seat. If found please contact this number 6105479071
I lost my wallet in a cab that I'm pretty sure was yellow 15th and JFK June 30th at 9:45 and took me to Broad and Tasker. My name is Keith Harrington, my number is 267-283-8680. Please call. Thank you.
A taxi picked me up at 222 Market Street and dropped me off at 52nd and Market Street at approximately 2:00 am. I left my phone in the taxi. I can be reached at 843-2220820
Thank you.
Stephanie Freeman
I lost my phone in one of your cabs last night. It had both a cracked front and back screen. Did you find it?
Left my iPhone in the cab that dropped me at 8:28 near Anneberg Center at Upenn on June 14th. I boarded the cab from 100 17th st infront of Hotel Palomar. The name of the driver was Kamal. He is from Bangladesh. My name is Tapas K Ray You can call my wife
Just took a cab and left a tote bag in called "la grande epicerie" containing a brioche and an anthropologie bag.
Please let me know where to get it back.
Took a cab from city hall, north, to fresh grocer, right by Cecil b, last night. Realized my wallet fell out of my pocket and into the cab the moment I stepped out. Don't know the cab number, name or license plate because I just got in off the street.
My name is Fran Kelly, I took a cab last night from 3rd and south to Washington and board with a stop at the 7/11 on Washington, I left my black iPhone 4s( black case)in the back of the cab. Please help me find it.
I believe I left my phone and credit card. Have any of the drivers turned anything in? It was around 11 PM. It is a black iPhone 5S in a black and white floral case and a Discover card with a cassette tape design.
Took a taxi from spriggarden to chesnut hill lose my iphone 6 plus
Brian Amato
My wife left her laptop in Philadelphia Freedom taxi #480 and we need to get it back. Please advise on the best process
Jeff Pastva
On Thursday, April 14th, I rode in a cab with a friend from the Rumor club on 15th & Sansom to 39th & Walnut. I lost a neon orange cross-body purse from J. Crew that contained an iPhone 6 Plus, and iPhone charger, Beats headphones, and my Penn student ID.
Lost Cell Phone/Credit Card wallet
oth black. Lost Friday May 1, 2016 at 8:05 p.m dropoff at the corner of 8th and Fairmount. Cab far pick up was Market Street westbound just east of 5th Street.
Cab made a right on 7th to Fairmount, left on Fairmount to 8
Left small blue/black Vera Bradley wallet in back of taxi can traveling from Howl at the Moon to Courtyard Marriott approx 1am Friday night---Saturday --- contained $, IDs etc. please assist.
Janine Barboza
lostr Samsung phone in a All City taxi March 31 at about 4 pm
picked up at Pann Sation drop off at Sheraton 35 and Chestnut
trip paid for by Rebecca Hartigan with a debit/ card ,chage came back to AllCity Taxi
Please notify me by cell 914 954 2294 or
Dropped wallet with my drivers license Stephen Golden around 3am from woodys to 1907 S 5TH ST PHILADELPHIA. I believe in the taxi. My friend paid with a card James Smock.
I left my lap top in the back of a cab tonight which I believe was a City Cab. I was picked up at 7th and Lombard and then dropped off in front off Dinardo's restaurant at Orianna & Race Street. It's a 13" Mac in a black Tucano case. Please call
I took a taxi on Saturday 3/12/16 around 6 PM and think I forgot my phone. It is a grey Iphone 6 with a black incipio case. If you find it please call (609) 680-9797 or (215) 630-3807. Thank you.
Took a cab sometime around 1am from Northern Liberties area (the seven eleven by the Barbary) to 6th and Morris. Left my orange and black PNC card along with my iPhone 6 which has a black otter box case on it and has paint all over it as well
Lost Wall with Drivers License: Hayes Burrow
Left a wallet in one of your cabs for Hayes Burrow (brown small wallet) Please call 404.713.8104 and I will get it.
Left small grey cloth shoulder bag. Contained pair of black leather gloves,fake diamond ring & a gold color dolphin bracelet.
2-20-16@11p. Freedom taxi (4-door sedan) from 2300 S. Swanson St., Phila. Pa to Broad & Chestnut St.
Grady Lights 267-207-6811
I had a taxi ride last night at 11:15PM from 1500 spruce to 3815 Hamilton and I left my iPhone 5 inside. It has a blue and gray case and the screen is broken on the top right corner. I would be very grateful if it was turned in.
(302) 650-5300
I left my keys in a taxi at 1am on 12/15/16 in a ride from the airport to Manayunk. I had a broken leg.
Several house keys, car keys on chain along with multiple consumer “tags” “LA Fitness”
$50 Reward for return! (225) 287-2929
Lost iPhone 5 w/ black life proof case Saturday night (2/7)
Please email brynn.kelly22@gmail.com if found
Lost black Michael kors bag and black urban outfitters bag. Cab went from 2nd and South to NoLibs around 3am Wed Feb 3rd. $$$ Reward. 2159715356
I left my keys in a cab that took me home last night. They have a car key, several house keys and a "a" emblem on them. Please contact me 856-816-6312
I lost my diamond wedding band in a taxi on the night of January 27th. Of found please contact Abby: 917-613-4097. Reward!
Lost: 1 black and gray Ful backpack with a MacBook laptop and personal papers inside, and a green&Brown duffel bag from Will leather company.
Was picked up at 30th street station and dropped off at 5th&poplar.
Items were in trunk.
I left my fossil wallet in a cab on December 22 on Sansom street. Please contact me at breslin@ballardspahr.com
Black Bag, approx. 9” x 13”, with book by Gillian Flynn(Dark Spaces), an umbrella, and 1-2 paperback books on the game of bridge. Please call Monroy @ 215368-1343 Thanks!
I left my phone in cab #p0904 last night. Find My IPhone shows that it is still in the cab but I have no way of contacting the taxi driver. Please help!

Thanks, Nicole
Lost a white Michael Kors wallet in a taxi at 12:30am January 2nd 2016. In the wallet are Mackenzie Pinto's IDs and credit cards. Can be contacted at 8562077710. Thanks.
I lost a black bag with guitar cables and pedals last night, New Year's Eve. Please get back to dave 6172903543 thanks!
I left a iphone 4 in a taxicab that I just got out of. It has some cracks on the screen and on the back. Please let me know if you find it.
I may have lost my cell phone it’s a galaxy s 5 grey colored.
Lost brown wallet 12/12/15. First name Patrick. Cab from old city to passyunk and Moore in south philly. Call 732-429-9217 570-885-6430 or email pmolignano@gmail.com. Reward upon return.
Hi, I left my phone in a cab last night/ this morning december 11/12.
Left my luggage in the trunk of a female driver's car, corner 26 North St and Aspen travelling from the rail station. I'm a londoner in town for weekend. 12/11. Plz call +447517216287
I left my tan fossil clutch in a taxi. 12&Chancellor to 45th&Pine. 12/05/15. If found please contact amcarter434@gmail.com. thanks!
I left my cell phone in a cab Thursday evening at 1:30 in the morning (Friday morning) leaving from Locust street between Broad and Thirteenth and took it to my home at 5th and Federal Street. It's an iPhone 6 in a pink case with gold at the bottom.
My name is Nyckolle and I left a black canvas bag (decorated with a logo with an eagle saying Hawaii Baptist Academy). The bag contained an iron, and a hair straitening iron. If found please contact (808)7535997
I left my wallet in a blue-and-white cab Friday night around 9:00. Kimmel Center to 241 S 6th St (Independence Place). It’s a colorful wallet, easy to spot. call or text 215-880-5868. Thanks
I left a Michael Kors black and brown handbag in a taxi last night, it has my Irish passport in it - Leah O' Mahony and I am travelling home for christmas in 2 weeks. Not sure what company.
Contact 267-7464741.
I took a taxi around 2am on November 10th with All City Taxi. I left my black faux leather jacket and black boots. Please let me know if anyone turned these in.
Thank you!
Nicole Minium
hey i left my iPhone 5 in the back of a yellow taxi cab. Picked me up right across the st from wels fargo, by the filmore and dropped me off at 2201 N 1st please if you can have it i will give you an reward. leaving to niece tomorrow at 12:30
I had taken a cab from Holw at the Moon (south 15th) to Temple University and I had left my samsung note 4 in the cab. This happened on friday october 30th 2015 at around 2am. Please contact me via this email
I lost a white iphone 5 in a cat case in a taxi late Friday night/ maybe early Saturday morning. Please let me know if found at this email or at (610)348-4732
lost jacket and keys in taxi
Friday nite 11-6-15 from Loews hotel to 10& Catherine (Dante& Luigi) - short khaki (green) cotton coat with keys in pocket, please help!!
I took a cab from the greyhound station yesterday nov 3 2015 at 5:40 pm to 1300 providence chester days inn hotel and left my jacket in the cab. The cab was an SUV white with yellow stripes.
You can contact me on 216 647 0111
Or email roy.souaid@gmail.com
I lost a tan backpack in a taxi that I took Saturday night from Bru bar to the vicinity of 1400 Spring Garden street. Please contact me here or at 610-955-1415.
Thank you
Left in back seat around 5 pm
picked up 10TH CHESTNUT
dropped off 3RD and arch
Robert Rossi
I was in one of your taxi cabs on October 17th, 2015. I dropped my wallet in the cab and was wondering if anybody found the wallet. My Driver’s License says Joseph M Walsh and it is an NJ license.
Email: Joewalsh2010@gmail.com
Thank you
I lost my iPhone in a cab on friday night about 1015 pm, I flagged a cab on around 16th and jfk and took it to 11th and Brandywine, I paid cash and got out not realizing phone was gone. It is in a white otter box with grey silicone case on phone

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Lost telephone

After numerous phone calls to the cab dispatcher reporting the status of the phone location and being housed at a 226 Heather Drive address in Upper Darby for an extended period of time, phone is now on the move again. Before i was told i needed to wait for the driver to log in. Now I'm told that the driver is off today, but my phone is still moving. It was a yellow cab hybrid and the driver was paid in cash. I was told that the cab number was 1245.

Would you be able to assist me? My phone number is 843 2220820

Thank you.

Stephanie Freeman
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