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Keys lost on 12/14/2014.

Keysmart key holder, two house keys and one mailbox key.

Please contact 267-254-0177
lost my cell phone
I was picked up on Saturday, December 13th around 3:30pm at 19th and market and was dropped off at the Sugarhouse Casino around 4/4:30pm.
Please contact me at Edward.Wells@ibx.com or call me at 215-241-2058.
I lost Nissan car keys along with other keys on carabiner. There is a phillies and penn state key. 215 359 5151
I believe I left my iPhone 5 in a taxi the night of Thursday Dec. 11th. It is in an orange flyers case. If anyone happened to find this please contact me at RMorrissey25@gmail.com

thanks so much!
Left my HTC M8 smart phone with a Spigen case in the cab at around 9:00 PM on 12/07/2014. Cab #P0508, Driver 00111938. Please email me at if you have any information Melanchthon.Philip@gmail.com
Lost a Tommy Hilfiger wallet sunday dec 7 2014
I lost my phone (Samsung Galaxy s3) in a taxi around 12:15am December 5th. The taxi picked me up downtown and dropped me off in South philly around 22nd and Morris. Phone is burgundy with a cracked screen, please email if found.
I lost my iPhone 6 with a pink case and a black headband with sequins in a cab on 12/6/14 around 1am. It picked me up on 17th and sansom and dropped me off on 23rd and pemberton. If found please contact me at dediaz@mac.com.
I lost my iPhone on a taxi cab the night of Friday December 5th (Saturday 6th around 2:30am). I picked up the cab at 11th and Samson, headed to Baltimore Ave. It is a black iPhone 5.
If found, please contact me at carlolanfo83@gmail.com
Lost keys in cab. Gray fab, black hone device, 4 keys, planet fitness tag.
Please contact me @ 908-872-0420
Lost - colorful luggage bag - inside: clothes and small make-up bag. was picked up in cab late friday night nov 28th/ early saturday nov 29th around 20th and walnut. dropped off near 10th and bainbridge. If found, please call 609-941-4368. Thank you!!
I think I lost my keys which are two gold keys on a single ring on a taxi ride Tuesday, November 25th at 4pm. The cab departed from 37th and Spruce to the Philadelphia airport.
If found, please email me at grace.choi0506@gmail.com. Thank you!
Lost small black "coach" wallet with license and several cards inside.
Last night at around 12:30
Picked up at 15 and Sansom - dropped off at 9 and Filbert st.
Call back number: 856 912 6474
thank you
Lost- black leather knapsack style purse
Center city. Left in cab 11/25 picked up at 16 and Walnut, 6 pm. Dropped at 25th and Spruce.
Call 215-205-5590.

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