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I lost my car keys on the night of Jan 30, 2015, probably around 12am. They are Audi keys and should also have 3 others keys on the ring.
If these have been found, could you please call me at 267-664-9242.
Thank you,
Erika McCormick
Lost Keys in cab early January 25th. Field hockey stick keychain, blue bottle opener, with a leopard print key. Please contact s.walston@hotmail.com.
Lost iPhone 4 (black+white zebra case) in taxi van colored beige with an orange stripe. Picked up at Locust + 15th dropped off at Catherine St. in Devil's Pocket. Please call 2039525434 or email kkraemer@sas.upenn.edu
I believe I left an iPhone 5S in an All City Taxi last night in Center City Philadelphia. It is in a black Otter case and my destination was 15th and Spruce Streets, Philadelphia. If this phone was found, please email me at maureenhorgan1@gmail.com.
Hello I left a calvin klein jacket coming home at 2 am from northern liberties last night and went to 5th and dickinson. If found please contact me via email or 2673723919.
I left a pair of Rayban RX glasses in a cab on Saturday January 17, 2015 between 7:30 and 8:00 pm the case is a Ray ban black case the glasses have navy blue arms. The ride started on 18th street and ended at 400 Arch Street.
My contact info is:
Lost tan wallet in white taxi cab picked up 1/14/15 @5:05PM from taxi
stand outside HUP/CHOP, drop off at JFK Blvd/N 30th Street @ 5:15PM.
Cards cancelled, but need sentimentals. Has my business cards with first name Lori. Please call 917-969-5845.
I lost my wallet in a Checker cab on Sunday , the 11th, evening. I was picked up on 10th and Passyunk around 1030, and was dropped off at Fitzwater and 22nd at 1040.
I have canceled my cards, but would REALLY like to have my ID and other keepsakes back.
Lost suitcase with my name, Kody Sun, after returning from the airport in taxi.
The taxi dropped me off at 41st & Spruce on Jan 12th, 2015 @7:10pm. There should also be a tag with the flight US 3988 on it. If found, please contact,
a reward is promised.
My name is Jeffrey Herrera. I lost my wallet in one of your cabs on 1/10/15 at around 10:40pm. I was travelling from the PA convention Center to the wyndham on 400 arch st. Please let me know if you recovered it. Thank you.
Lost canvas wallet on 01/09 with "Scotland" written all over it in blue and white letters. Possibly in an all city taxi. Reward if found. Thank you.
Lost Iphone in Purple case. Call 610-390-0610
Left my keys in a 215-GETACAB cab in Philadelphia at approximately 7:20 PM on 1/8/15. Keys include car remote, Acura car key, Key smart key holder with 3 keys including house, office and mailbox key.
Please call 215-868-4080 if found or send email to
I lost a brown zip wallet with the words L.A.M.B on outside on 1/3/14 around 10pm. I was in an all city taxi and was dropped off at 3rd and south. Information in wallet is for Jessie Caitlin Tharp. 570-498-2609.
last night around 130-145 lost my iPhone 5 in a pink case. picked up around 15th&Spruce got dropped off at 23rd & Federal. 3 passengers. paid in cash.
Lost brown leather wallet with NJ License ‘Adam Grant’. Took taxi from 7th near Electric Factory to Windsor Suites @ 3am 01/01/15
Lost wallet/clutch purse, white with greenish felt and sequin letter E, dropped off at south 15th and mifflin around 920 pm NYE. Name on cards and ID is Erica Layser. Ericalayser@gmail.com 4843633677
I was in a cab on December 27 around noontime with a drop off at Barnes Foundation
May have lost eyeglasses in cab, hard black case with navy blue framed glasses inside. Case labeled Randy Jackson on inside lid. Would appreciate knowing if they were found
Lost Wallet Jason Wirtz
My boyfriend and I were in a cab yesterday morning around 1 or 1:30 AM coming from 10th and Pine and heading to West Philly around 47th and Baltimore. The wallet is a tan change purse with and embroidered design on it.
On nye at 140 am I took a cab from 25th and Washington to 25th and poplar and left my wallet. It has my license, stephen suffian is my name. 2676718589.
My name is Andrew Oliva and I use your taxi service frequently. It is roughly 12:15pm on Tuesday December 30th. I received a ride to my house at 356 Snyder Avenue and I lef tmy phone (my phone number is 609 408 6770) in your cab.
Hi I believe I lost my Connecticut driver's license while riding a taxi
around Rithenhouse Square friday night
If you find can you please give me a call at 215 8685982
Name Claudia Petter Rebello
Thanks a lot
Lost wallet (sea green/gold trim) on the the night of 12/23/2014. Please call 267-670-0034 immediately if found. There are very personal much needed documents and ID's in that wallet :(
Lost black wallet Saturday night coming back from Plough & the Stars. Wallet has Marine Corps logo on it with a Georgia drivers license inside. Call/text 404-909-2502. Eric Kukoda
lost keys in a cab Sunday night December 21st coming from 5th and south and heading to 7th and fairmount. apartment and car keys are attached to a green lanyard. if found please call 856-979-7419
On friday night I forgot my Galaxy S4 in a cab around 1 am coming from Field House bar in center city and going to 3613 warren street.
If found please email me back at this email.
- Oleg Gratwick
Lost Vera Bradley wallet in Germantown cab from kildares on 12/21/14 2 am. Pls call 215 364 5658.
Rebecca Donahue
Lost dark brown perry ellis wallet. License and several cards inside. Lost samsung white note 4 phone. Call me at 215 971 6157 if found
Keys lost on 12/14/2014.

Keysmart key holder, two house keys and one mailbox key.

Please contact 267-254-0177
lost my cell phone
I was picked up on Saturday, December 13th around 3:30pm at 19th and market and was dropped off at the Sugarhouse Casino around 4/4:30pm.
Please contact me at Edward.Wells@ibx.com or call me at 215-241-2058.
I lost Nissan car keys along with other keys on carabiner. There is a phillies and penn state key. 215 359 5151
I believe I left my iPhone 5 in a taxi the night of Thursday Dec. 11th. It is in an orange flyers case. If anyone happened to find this please contact me at RMorrissey25@gmail.com

thanks so much!
Left my HTC M8 smart phone with a Spigen case in the cab at around 9:00 PM on 12/07/2014. Cab #P0508, Driver 00111938. Please email me at if you have any information Melanchthon.Philip@gmail.com
Lost a Tommy Hilfiger wallet sunday dec 7 2014
I lost my phone (Samsung Galaxy s3) in a taxi around 12:15am December 5th. The taxi picked me up downtown and dropped me off in South philly around 22nd and Morris. Phone is burgundy with a cracked screen, please email if found.
I lost my iPhone 6 with a pink case and a black headband with sequins in a cab on 12/6/14 around 1am. It picked me up on 17th and sansom and dropped me off on 23rd and pemberton. If found please contact me at dediaz@mac.com.
I lost my iPhone on a taxi cab the night of Friday December 5th (Saturday 6th around 2:30am). I picked up the cab at 11th and Samson, headed to Baltimore Ave. It is a black iPhone 5.
If found, please contact me at carlolanfo83@gmail.com
Lost keys in cab. Gray fab, black hone device, 4 keys, planet fitness tag.
Please contact me @ 908-872-0420
Lost - colorful luggage bag - inside: clothes and small make-up bag. was picked up in cab late friday night nov 28th/ early saturday nov 29th around 20th and walnut. dropped off near 10th and bainbridge. If found, please call 609-941-4368. Thank you!!
I think I lost my keys which are two gold keys on a single ring on a taxi ride Tuesday, November 25th at 4pm. The cab departed from 37th and Spruce to the Philadelphia airport.
If found, please email me at grace.choi0506@gmail.com. Thank you!
Lost small black "coach" wallet with license and several cards inside.
Last night at around 12:30
Picked up at 15 and Sansom - dropped off at 9 and Filbert st.
Call back number: 856 912 6474
thank you
Lost- black leather knapsack style purse
Center city. Left in cab 11/25 picked up at 16 and Walnut, 6 pm. Dropped at 25th and Spruce.
Call 215-205-5590.

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