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Hello! Lost a small dark teal wallet including a Wyoming drivers license, pnc and Capitol one credit cards in Feb. If found please call 267.432.4931. Thanks!
Hi my name is Chris Gory I left a black and grey backsack in the back of a cab last night (4/23) that contain a book and some other misc items. Was it by any chance found?
Forgot a brown backpack on backseat on Sunday, April 20, 2014.
We were picked up at 42 Walnut went to Septa train University City station around 6:30pm.
In the bag was my laptop. If found, please call 803-370-9450
Interesting video
ice swimming.
I left my blue jaguar frame prescription glasses in an All City Cab at 12:05 pm on Sunday, April 13th in front of the Barnes Foundation. Museum video indicated that it was Cab No. 066.
Lost a black memory stick last night April 17, 2014.
Please call 215 670-2353
Thank you
Lost iPhone4S ~2AM 4/18/14 going to 4th+Lombard. Phone is white w BLACK cover, mostly rubber on sides BUT hard plastic on bottom+back. There is a BUBBLE near center of screen w vertical line splitting it. Reward if found, pls call #6102202642.THX!
Lost in taxi April17th btw 5/7pm- Set of keys with black USB thumb drive. 16th & Market Area
artist1611@gmail.com- Eric
Last Friday around 6 pm I lost two books, Virgil Aeneid 12 and the works of Virgil, possibly in a taxi leaving 30th St Station for Chester Avenue. If found, please call 609-258-3954 (Katz). Thank you!
Last night I left a new pink argyle Phillies hat in the backseat/floor of a cab.
The cab picked us up at the Citizen Bank Park and dropped us off at 30th and Market Street.
Inside the bag with the hat was a receipt with my name
Devon M
I hailed a cab today from 10th and Lombard to 20th and Vine Street and left my phone in the back seat. I do not know the cab number. I am at work in the Free Library of Philadelphia. Please if found call me, Gregory Pennington, at 215 686-5383 or
On 3/8 I lost my phone LG G2 by Sprint in a Dodge Caravan Cab leaving Citizens Bank Park to 47 Knowles Avenue in Glenolden, PA (DelCo).
Please contact me at mjkrieg@gmail.com or at work (leave a message if I am not available) at 610.738.7810.
Mike Krieg.
Help please
I took a cab late saturday night at about 3:30am from city hall to Wissahickon stop in Manayunk. The cab was a Sedan with a small tv screen in the back. I left a white galaxy S2 with a black case in the back of the cab. 336.423.4565.
I lost my black iPhone 5s with a purple phone case and a gold coach wristlet with my debit card, PA id- Brooke Foley, temple id and $40 in it please call 2679020996 if either of these are found.
Lost iPhone 4s with black case on Saturday night 4/12 in a white taxi going from Xfinity Live to South Street around 10:30pm. If found, please call or text 609 864-1825.
I called a cab on Wednesday 9th April to 1034 Shackamaxon St Philadelphia at 12 noon. The driver was courteous and helpful. however, I left a Nikon camera with all the pics of my trip. Can you tell me if this was found?
We lost a set of keys with a VW car key on Saturday April 12 at 5pm. Taxi left us next to the Ritz movies @ 2nd and Walnut. If found, please contact susang1@gmail.com. Reward.
Lost Wallet
Black Marc Jacobs Wallet with a silver buckle. ID inside for Tina Rix
PA license. Reward if found. Please call. 3025624249
On April 10, 2014 around midnight, I lost my cell phone in one of the All City taxi cabs. The driver’s name was Lance. He dropped myself and a friend off at 19th street and Fairmount. Any information would be very appreciated. My name is Scott Taylor.
I lost my Louis Vuitton wallet last night-it had my license, credit cards, etc in it, among other things. I will give a reward to anyone who finds it-the wallet has sentimental value and I really need it back. My cab ride was from CBP to Graduate Hospital
Lost black heels, sized 7 with gold rim in the back on a cab last night. If found please email liznunez@live.com PLEASE THANK YOU
Black peacoat with quilted leather shoulders, ALFANI, women’s, petite left in taxi close to midnight on 3/21 picked up @ 21st and Chesnut. Taxi driver Moroccan, spoke French. 215-820-6640
I lost my Samsung Galaxy S3 on Saturday (04/05) night, going from Ramada SW to Festival Pier. It is white and it is inside a white silicon case. If you find it, please let me know! Marcus Vinicius Geraldi (fb) or vinimg@gmail.com
I lost a set of keys on Friday night 4/4/14 that were attached to a neon green lanyard that has headstrong written on it. My phone number is 610-209-2082. I traveled from Xfinity Live to 2200 Benjamin Franklin Parkway.
Jason Devor
Lost iPhone 4 on Friday night (April 4th) in a taxi going from Haverford to Villanova. Belkin case, purple back, teal sides.
Marissa Zhao
Civil Engineering '15
I may have left me purse in a cab Friday night/sat morning around 230 am. It's black flux leather inside I had my wallet with id and cards. Also in the bag were a few bills and makeup. If you found it please text or call me at 2156883979.
Lost wallet
I took a taxi last night around 3am to the corner of Rochelle and Manayunk.
My name is Thomas Himlin and if my wallet is found, please call me at 5705923708. Offering a reward to whoever can return it to me safely. Thank you
iphone 5 lost in a cab on 04-04-14 in philly chinatown. rewards $$$.
Yoko Arayama
I lost an iphone 5..blue in your cab at around 3am or later on Saturday morning. Please return my phone if you find it. Thanks
you can email me or contact me at 708-636-6637
Ryan Spokas
I accidentally left a pair of black patent leather Jessica Simpson short heels (size 9.5 or 10) in an All City Taxi Cab on March 29th around 1:00 AM going from 500 Degrees in Center City to 16th and Spring Garden.
If you find them please contact me
Hello, I lost a black Verizon intensity phone in a cab Friday night. If found, please email brigit.on6@gmail.com. Thank you!
I left a Samsung S3 in a cab last night and am trying to find it. It was in a blue otterbox case. Please email me back or call me at 336-416-2227.

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