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Black Northface backpack left 7/28 at 10 pm- pick up at Amtrack drop off at Sheraton Philly Center. Please call ASAP, need it by morning.
I took a cab from around 21st and Hamilton on Sunday Morning around 3:30 a.m. to 27th and Parrish. My cell phone fell out of my pocket. It is a white Samsung Note 3 phone. If it was found, please contact me at Lawrence_bartel@yahoo.com or on my work phone
We got the taxi outside of the USAirways terminal at the Philadelphia Airport at about 8:30pm on July 26 and took it to the corner of Clinton and 9th Streets in Center City Philadelphia. I left a Nikon camera in the back seat.
my son took a cab (blue and red) from the 30th street station on Wednesday, July 23 around 9 am. He's lost his photo ID -- arizona drivers license. Name - Robert P. Olson
please call 267-968-3231. Thank you
Left black toiletry bag in cab @ Home2 Suites on Arch 7/12/14 Mark Stewart 912.844.4949
Reward offered
Mark Stewart DDS
Black and lined yellow under armor backpack. Has 4 season tix for philly union in it. I left it in a cab that brought me from 2nd and washington to bala cynwyd on belmont road. 1am or 2am. I put it on my visa so I can get an exact time if needed.
I lost my phone in one of your cabs. It is an iphone 5 in a purple case. It's password protected and off at the current time. Please email me back if you have this or give me a number to call.
Thank you,
Nicole Lepera
I lost my white iPod touch in a cab when I was headed north on Washington Ave. to 11th and Arch on Sunday, July 13th. The language setting is Russian. If found, please contact me at m.d.mangold@gmail.com or 724-422-1160
Around 7:00 pm on 7/20/2014 left wallet in the back of cab on 22nd just south of Ben Franklin parkway
Left iPhone in Taxi at approximately 2:00 am on July 20, 2014. We used the Find my iPhone app and the phone is located at the cross streets of Magee Ave. and Algon Ave. Please call 571-435-5042.
Hello, my name is Michelle, on July 19th (yesterday) I left my wallet in the taxi around midnight. It's a small blue wallet. If seen please email me at Michellelynn123@gmail.com
Saturday night/Sunday Morning 7/19-7/20
Keys and phone
Ian Sammons
Around 1:45am on Friday the 17th of July I was picked up at Morgan's Pier and driven to Melrose diner in south philly. My keys were left in the cab.
The main key is a black Mercedes Smart Key.
I am offering a reward for the keys.
I lost a pair of brown colored prescription Burberry glasses within the last few days.
If anyone finds please call 267.242.9456.
Thank YOu!!
I took a cab yesterday from University of Pennsylvania Hospital and lost a set of keys in the cab. Have they been turned in? Thanks so much. vandana.khungar@gmail.com
Dear Crescent Cab,
A student of mine has lost her white& gold cell phone with a Tory
Burch blue & purple case (with flowers) on our way to Children's
Hospital of Philadelphia. We were in cab# P0931, Driver # 00101027 on
7/16/14 at 18:14- 18:16.
Lost Phone
Cab from 19th/chestnut to broad/wharton 2:00 AM tuesday night 7/15. Black motorola droid M
I took a cab Friday 7/11/14 between the hours of 1am-2am from main st manayunk to Henry ave roxborough. I think I left my keys in the cab. There is a Honda car key as well as others. Has anything turned up? Thanks!
I lost a Motorola Droid MAXX phone in a taxi cab early this morning (7/13) around 1AM. The cab was from Old City Philadelphia to Manayunk. The cab driver answered when I called the phone but now is not answering and the phone is dead.
If found please emai
I lost a phone in the back of taxi #1516 at shortly after midnight on July 13th (evening of July 12th into the 13th). It's a white iPhone 5C with a black speck case.
The taxi dispatchers were unhelpful and rude when I called to try to locate it.
Thank you
Lost small Sony camera on July 10 about 7:00pm in a taxi taken nearby City Hall to Amtrak Station 30th ST
Several years ago (2009 or 2010), I think I lost a jewelry roll in a taxi on my way to the airport. I did not even know there was a lost and found. It was a black silk roll, maybe 8" wide.
There was an opal ring, green stone and silver necklace, light green dangle earrings, and a few other items. I have been heart sick since it happened. If anyone has seen it, please let me know. Many thanks, Erika Tapp erikatapp@gmail.com
Lost small Sony camera on July 10 about 7:00pm in a taxi to Amtrack Station 30th ST. I need to recover it for the pictures of a familiy tripp.
Thank you
Lost a black back with Wharton logo. Had gum, mints, and a cell phone in it. jwomack@fisgroup.com or 213-247-9862
I left my iPhone 5 in a cab very late night early morning July 6. (Maybe around 1am) I picked a cab up from stadium holiday inn and took it to holiday inn express in Penns landing
No one answers phones at lost and found number I was given.
Lost pink bag with gym clothes and makeup on 7/8 in Bella Vista. Reward if found. Mlw004@gmail.com
Lost Ford Key Chain - Reward
Dan B. lost a set of keys in a green/tan cab from Sheraton near Hannahmen to 30th street train station on 7/8 at 5 pm. Ford Key, Honda key, house keys. cell is 4437628878. $40 reward if found.
Lost a black coach zipper wallet in taxi around 5pm 7/7/14 (center city area) has NJ license, red cross volunteer card and keys are attached. Please call if found 9083422920 or email dancinchic333@yahoo.com
Lost Blackberry 7/7. Call 6103248254 if it is found.
Lost New Jersey Drivers License Saturday night around 3am en route from Broad Street to Christian Street. Please call 201-421-6970 or e-mail pattwi@sas.upenn.edu if found.
Lost Google Nexus
Lost in cab # P0913, driver 00104794, All City Taxi, 7/07/14. Please email naomi.k.tsai@gmail.com if found.
I lost a black iPhone 5 with gold case in a cab on 7/4. Lost my phone app reports it was last online at girard and Marlborough. Please contact 8565629496 if you have any information!
Lost black iPhone 5s in a cab tonight on the way from Hotel Monaco on Chestnut to Frankford Hall on Frankford ave (7/5/14), it has no case and is password locked. If you find it, $200 cash reward - no questions. Call 585-615-3176
I lost my green wallet in a cab last night.
Please let me know if it was turned in!!
Thank you!!!!
Lost phone in cab# P0433 | Driver# 00102889
Please call 914 575 9309 if found.
Thank you so much,
Took a cab from 3rd & South to 3rd & Market at 4:30am today (7/2/14) and left my white iphone4 in the back seat. Please contact maurer99gk@yahoo.com or 215-923-8763 if found
Mobile left in a taxi on 6/29/14
Yesterday we left a mobile phone "samsung galaxy young" grey in a cab that brought us to Ardmore.
Did the taxi driver find it? Can we have it back?
We stay at rodeway inn in walnut street
Thank you.
A. De Biasi
Hi , my name is John Lutz 215-275-8269 I lost a brown leather bag with a shoulder strap on Thurs night 6/26/14, would appreciate any help in getting my bag back.
My name is Binoy Bhatt and I lost a black iPhone 5 with a black case last night. Important work data on the phone, would love to get it back. Can call 570-660-9825 or email bbhatt@gwmail.gwu.edu if found.
Just got taxi from airport to 1607 Lombard and left wallet in backseat my cell 215 385 1234
Tara Theune Davis
I left my iphone 5s in a cab last night. If found, please call 610-405-8509.
Thank you
Lost a camera in a cab June27,2014 9:00am Philadelphia LOWEs hotel, drove around city and to 30th street station. It is very meaningful to my dad. Keiko Cramer 267-997-4363 or gaa507@yahoo.com Thank you
I left a brown leather bag with a shoulder strap in taxi on Thurs. 6/25/14 I’m John Lutz-215-275-8269 e-mail is carelessailor@comcast.net
Lost necklace in a taxi June 17, 2014 10:30 PM - Phila Airport to Narberth. It is silver and I can describe. It is very meaningful to me. thank you
Donna Eldridge deldridge235@aol.com or 484-343-0592
I lost my only set of car keys in a cab a couple months ago. (I have been out of town). If you could search for them and or if you find them, I have a 50$ bill waiting for whoever finds them.
They are Honda Civic keys.
Today I took a cab to the Philadelphia airport from university city directly to the airport. I forgot my bag inside the cab. I had very important things in this bag: personal documents, laptop, my professional camera.
Big Reward !!!
Lost camo stroller bag containing babies changing matt, wipes, medication and snacks. Left in the boot of a taxi from Morgans pier to 20th Cherry.
Claire Stidwell
p: 215-684-7362
e: Claire.Stidwell@philamuseum.org
Lost black iPhone 4 in cab coming from 12th & market going to 215 Buckingham Place 6-22-14 at approximately 4:15 pm. If found email rgruch@gmail.com
Lost I phone 5 white with black plastic and wood case. Left in cab going from broad and locust to broad and porter around 1am sunday morning. If found or info please call. 215-954-8612
I may have left a leopard print wallet in an All City Taxi this morning around 8:20 AM, 6/22. There was a debit card and driver's license in it, both with my name Erica Whitsell. Please call 267-315-6338
I am looking for a bag with a Laptop In It I left in a cab on Friday night around 1 a.m. going from Chinatown to South Philly. I'm happy to describe the bag further to claim it.
Meredith Setzman
Lost in cab on tues. 6/17
In cab from 30th St Station to 230 Wash. Sq. at 2:30 pm. Left black bag w/NOOK and purple jacket. Please contact Joan at jasbjorn@gmail.com. Thank you.
$100 REWARD! Lost a black Samsung Galaxy S4 on 6/13 (yes, Friday the 13th!) in a taxi. No case, but has a protective cover over the glass.
I will be eternally grateful, and you will be REWARDED!
David - 856-608-0200 or foundphone613@redwoodinc.com.
iphone left in cab 6/13 at 3:55pm
Please call 610 527 2134 if you have an iphone with blue otterbox cover left in your cab going from market & 8th street to susquehana bank center in Camden last evening.
Hi, left a poster in a brown cardboard tube in a taxi last night.
About 2 feet long.
Picked up around the Susquehanna Bank Center, dropped off at 2nd and
market around midnight. Pls call 631-793-6625 if found.
I left my iPhone in one of you taxis after being left off at the Susquehanna bank center in camden, I would really like to get it back. Please respond so I can figure out a way to retrieve it.
It was a capital taxi.
Kate Gregg
I lost a red samsung 3 mobile phone cracked screen. It has all my daughter's baby pictures on it, please return. Or just give me a locale where I can pick it up. Lost 6/13/14 around 3 am
Jason Biddle
I left my wallet in a cab this morning (June 13, 2014) at 8:30 am. Please Contact me as my name Randall Olszewski is on the NY drivers license. I am stranded and really need the wallet.
Randy Olszewski
Lost my black iPhone 5 in a Liberty Taxi around 2 am on June 6. I picked up the cab around Howl at the Moon bar in Center City. It has a pink glitter case on it and is currently in Lost Mode. I will provide a 100 cash reward if it is returned safely to me
Left my cell phone in one of your cabs today Sunday June 8th. Called the phone 15 straight times. Then the phone was turned off. Hoping the driver turned it in. Trace of phone will start tomorrow. Work phone.
Email - tulymore@aol.com
Or call 610-361-1301
Lost blue fossil wallet in cab. Picked up at dunkin donuts in philladelphia and was dropped off in collingswood new jersey ! If found please call 8565348239 my name is valeria alvarez
Left blue bag in trunk of taxi. Picked up at 11th and market, dropped 11th and bainbridge.
Phone number is 610-761-4966
Lost cell phone
Black lg optimus at 18 and green coming from 30 st station at 12:15pm 6-7-14.
Lost my wallet on May 29th. It's a little black card holder and has my Alabama drivers license, cards and random items it it. 256-603-9768
Lost: White iPhone 4S with cracked back in a taxi last night around 2:15AM. Taxi left Monk's Cafe and dropped off in Fishtown. Kailey
I lost a black Motorola Bionic cell phone on Monday night June 2, 2014. I believe I left it in a cab, but I'm not sure which company. If found please email me at Joshuarisbon@gmail.com
Thank You,
I took and cab from old city early Sunday 6/1 around 2am and left my backpack inside the cab. The backpack is Black and Navy Blue and has my initials DJG on the front. Please call 570-575-8409 with any info.
I lost a set if keys while in a taxi last night (6/1). There are two black bike lock keys and a phillies key along with other ordinary keys. It would be awesome to get them back.
Giuseppe D'angelo
215 279 2135
I left my car keys in the back of a cab this evening at approx. 6:45pm. I took the cab from the airport to 16th and Callowhill. We were not provided with a receipt to give a cab number, but I have reported them stolen via voicemail too, calling 2156839451
I can be reached at 215-435-9351. The keys are for a Ford model, there are 2 additional house keys on the key chain and a gym membership pass for Doylestown Fitness. Thank you for your help, Matt Clinger

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