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Hello, I lost my little orange wallet. I was at Xfinity, and got dropped off at 2nd and Christian. Please let me know.
Left my black wallet in a taxi last night. Not sure who the company was because I paid cash. Picked me up outside Delilah's and dropped me off in Marlton New Jersey. My name is Colin Reilly.
Lost concert t
Lost gray cage the elephant t on sat sept 20....wells fargo to hyatt regency....from va...any way to find and recover?
Sharon George
Left my Black Google Nexus 5 phone in a cab between 11 and 12 pm on Friday 19 September. The cab was going to University City. Please contact me on 215-800-6763. Thank you
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ice swimming
I lost a tan leather jacket last night, size medium. I was going from 15th and Locust to 38th and Lancaster. Please contact if found! Thanks very much.
Lost a black leather mens wallet in a cab tonight. ID from Orlando Florida. Thought cab drivers name was Lassassi or something similar.
Please call 407-342-6903 if found.
Hi - I left my black iPhone (the case is ripped at the bottom) in a cab Thursday 9/18 night around 3am. Please email at hitenchawla@gmail.com or call at 650-815-8259. Thanks so so much!

I took a cab early this morning (2am??) and think I left my keys inside. They are for an enterprise rental car. There are two keys and a plastic key fob. Please let me know if they have been found. Thanks!
Jennifer Holloway
Phone: (+1) 917.405.0978
Last night I lost my keys and a white keycard when I took a cab from 15th and Walnut to 39th and Walnut at around 10:20 PM.
I lost my phone last night possibly in a cab. It is an android LG with a cracked screen and a pink case. Please call 215-946-7890 if you found it .
Thank you,
Jennifer VanDerBas
Lost a black wallet with a red swiss flag on it on the 17/09/2014. Call +5215529526301 if found please
Lost canon 60D
I probably left my photo camera on Sunday August 30th in the cab. I hope someone found it. Please call 2158805896. Thanks,
Lost a pair of prescription Tom Ford Aviator sunglasses in a green case. Took a taxi from 18th and Market to 6th and South. Please email suze1524@yahoo.com if found!!
left my black nokia windows phone in a taxi saturday night (13 september) was picked up at the corner of the street next to the mega bus and accross from 30th street station. was driven to 35th and spring garden.
$50 reward
left a bear (wearing orange smiley shirt) in a cab yesterday. it was given to me by my grandmother who passed away last night. woman in cab after me was going to 20&south. Bear in pink&purple bag. only contents of bag was teddy bear. Please call if found
Lost a small square red plastic activity monitor last night (9/13) while in center city, possibly in one of your cabs. Really really hoping you found it and I can get it back it belongs to one of my teachers. Email this address with any information.
Good afternoon,
I lost my wallet on a taxi some time this week. It has an ID in it with the name James Finelli.
If you have found it please email back at this account
I Lost a photografic camera inside a taxi on 9/5 in Philadelphia. I handled a taxi to go to 30th Penn Station. Where do I recovery It?
In this camera are all the photos of my trip.
Ricardo Araujo
Hello I left my electronic hookah pen (e-cig) in a cab (I think blue and white car) last night from 460 N 2nd street to 2620 E Allegheny Ave. I will greatly appreciate it if it is returned, thank you so much!
Lost Women's Brown Polarized Prescription Sunglasses on August 31st, 2014 in cab between 12th & Market and 1420 Locust St.

Please contact me at jluphl@gmail.com if they were turned in.
Hello, I lost an Audi car key and my house keys on a long lanyard, last Friday night. Please contact Dylan at 610 295-8929 or Brian at 610 349-8240. Thank you.
Left MacBook in black backpack in back seat of city cab on 9/8 at around 5pm coming from 10th and South to Fitzwater and 18th. Had a form with my name and address in it. Would be thrilled if somebody found it and would please contact me.
2 lost iphones
Sept 6 Cab from 8th & Spring Garden to Fishtown from afterhours club. One was a white iphone 5 and the other a 4. Call 801.597.4256.
I lost my cell phone in the back of a cab on saturday night august 31st it was late somewhere around 10 or 11 pm by the piazza in northern liberties. the phone is a white iphone 4s and has a lot of cracks to the front and back of it.

I left an iPhone 5 in a taxi on Friday Sept 5 at 8 pm.
The taxi drove from 12th and Spruce to Broad and Wallace.
Please help! The phone belongs to my wife Julie Foster.
Call 484-431-3656 with any information. Thank you!
Jean Broillet IV
lost mens prescription sunglasses 9/2/14
Please contact me if found. They were in a black sunglass case and my driver took me to 30th Street Station around 2:00 pm on Tuesday, 9/2/14
My phone # is386 383 8850
Phil Chanfrau
I left an iPhone 5C (White) in the back of one of your cabs last nights. On the home screen is a photograph of a Villanova basketball game (the court is an identifier).
If you have this phone, please call 215-405-5613 immediately.
Many thanks
Jeffrey Hall
I lost a black iPhone 5 in a Liberty cab on Sunday night, Aug 31. Phone was dead. Picked up from 8th and south, dropped off at 16th and catherine at 12:30.
Please e-mail at tue43621@temple.edu
I've lost my cellphone, a purple Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini, last Saturday, 08/30, in a white cab that picked me up at University City and dropped me off at the Hard Rock Cafe at about 8 or 9:40 PM,It has a slight line running across the screen.
left my black iPhone 5 in the back of a white taxi that picked us up near voyeur night club and dropped us off in west philly close to drexel park. The iPhone 5 has a cracked screen and a black case.
I really cannot afford a new one but if anyone returns the iPhone i will pay them a $30 reward! Contact: (908) 487-0067 or Hkuhn321@gmail.com All information is appreciated, Please help me out!
I lost my iPhone 5 last-night in a taxi around 1:30 am 8/31/14 if found please contact me at 267-758-2312,
phone is dead and was dead when i lost it, the phone is repoted lost so it cant be used.
there is a reward if it is returned to me thanks..
Lost whit iPhone 5s in cab traveling early am 9/1 - around 2 am - from iCandy to 8th and Moore.
I lost my iPhone 4 on 8/31 around 1am. It's in a pink case. Please contact Julie at 978-460-0143 if found.
Hi, my name is Brittany Shillington. I lost my i phone5s and it has my bank card, id, and student id in the bank. Please call 5707092550 . it has a rubber case with a blue case on the inside.
I lost my Iphone 4s in a cab friday night at around 9pm at the train station, on the 30th street.
I just realized I didn't have it a few minutes later and the cab was already gone.
My phone has a black and white case with different names of town on it.
I lost a small brown wallet in a taxi cab saturday night (8/23) a little after midnight. The name on the license is Lauren Lucas. Contact information if found would be email: llucas32@comcast.net or (215)206-4005. Thank you!
I lost (probably last Thursday or Wednesday, august 20-21) a small Terry Burch card holder/wallet with my Drexel school id, a credit card, and a state id. My name is Claudia Scala-Schlessman. Please call me back or email nerdy.strawberry@gmail.com
hello I was in an all city taxi last night around 12:25 am and I lost a set of Toyota keys with a long pink string hanging from it ! If you can get back to me if found I would appreciate it ! The lost and found number will not go through ! Thank you
Black wallet 8/23
Left black wallet in cab from south broad to Frankford and palmer. PA DL inside with my name Michael Dean. Plz call 6105053794
I left my pink iPhone 5c in a cab last night 8/22/14 around 1am. The front screen is cracked. Please email if found or call 570-592-3689!!
I left a CD in a taxi on 8/22. I was picked up at 20th and Market at about 7:10 pm and dropped off at 6th and Catherine at about 7:25. Please call 215-915-6120. Thanks
Gregory W. Fox

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